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Dating for Professionals FAQ

Tell me about your clients

Our members are very discerning or selective about the people they wish to meet and they’re all professional people. The legal, medical and financial professions are well-represented as well as academics, business owners/directors and those of independent means.

Over 90% are graduates, more than 70% have post-graduate qualifications or higher degrees and all are home owners and non-smoking.

Many of our members are willing to look a little outside their own geographical area in order to find a partner who is not only attractive to them but who also has the same background and values as their own.

Our clients are all aged between 30 and 70.

How safe is Dating for Professionals ?

Whilst one can never guarantee anything in life (apart from death and taxes!), we can tell you that because we interview all our clients, no one has ever been caused distress or come to any harm by using our service.

We verify information supplied to us and if someone had anything to hide, why would they come to us when the Internet is an outlaw's paradise?

What is the ABIA?

The UK dating industry has always been unlicensed and unregulated although some years ago the OFT produced a suggested Code of Practice. We belong to the Association of British Introduction Agencies, a voluntary organisation established in 1980 to uphold standards in the industry and we adhere to the OFT guidelines in all respects.

How many matches can I expect?

This is always the hardest question because it depends on your age, location, attractiveness, height, build and how wide or narrow are the parameters you give us.

We check for new matches for every client, every week and depending upon the above, on average we’re able to offer at least 18-24 annually.

If, in the unlikely event that we’re unable to fulfil this number, we’ll extend your membership free of charge for a further six months.


The costs of our service are a one-off Registration fee of £995 (discounted at certain times of the year) and £55 monthly, for all these good things:

A telephone interview with one of highly experienced staff

The professional compilation of your profile with advice to help


you make a good impression

One-to-one service from your own personal matchmaker


throughout your membership

The ability to freeze your membership for up to six months in any


one calendar year

The knowledge that you’re dealing with an agency which has


qualified for ABIA membership

The peace of mind which comes from knowing that all new clients


are ID checked and verified

To ensure that our male/female ratio remains at 50/50, we may, from time to time, offer men or women a reduced fee or associate membership.

Queries and Complaints
If, during the duration of your membership, you have any complaints, please do contact Lorraine or Margot who will do their utmost to help.

Your rights under the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008 can be found here.




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